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The easiest way to study anatomy: a free learning tool to memorize the bones of the human body in Latin, English and Dutch.

Study Anatomy

The Quiz on this page helps you study the anatomy of the human body. It is designed for anybody interested in the health professions and provides a fun way to study anatomy.

How this page works

The image (the quiz question) shows you a picture of the human skeleton. One bone, or a group of bones is shown in white. Your challenge is to click on the correct name in the list of names. You will get feedback to show you whether your answer was correct.

Effective study method

There are more than 50 pictures available. If you give correct answers, the program will show you new pictures. Those pictures and names that you have trouble with, will be asked more often. Research has proven that the most effective way of memorizing is by repeating the same information approximately 5 minutes after you memorized the information for the first time. The program will therefore repeat the same questions approximately 5 minutes after they were answered correctly the first time.